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Mid Atlantic Boiler Services

I. Types of Boilers Repaired or Installed

  A. Packaged Boilers.

  B. Power Boilers.

  C. Utility Boilers.

  D. Recovery Boilers.

  E. Hot Oil Boilers.

Il. Types of Tube Replacements

  A. Superheaters.

  B. Economizers.

  C. Waterwalls.

  D. Re-Heaters.

  E. Screen Tubes.

  F. Generating Tubes.

Ill. Types of Miscellaneous Installation Repairs

  A. Burner Installation and Service.

  B. Casing.

  C. Refractory.

  D. Insulation.

  E. Emergency Boiler Rentals.

  F. External Piping.

  G. Studding.

  H. Grating.

  I. Metal Fabrication. (Tanks, Ducting, Expansion Joints, Etc.)

  J. Bag House and Precipitators.

IV. Types of Air Pre-Heater Replacements

  A. Basket.

  B. Tubular.

V. Types of Heat Exchanger Re-tubing

  A. Job Site Re-tubing.

  B. In Shop Re-tubing. 

VI. Types of Re-tubing Other Than Mentioned Above

  A. Evaporators Re-tubed.

  B. Turbine Condenser Re-tubing.

VII. Miscellaneous Services

  A. Pipe and Metal Fabrication.

  B. Portable Milling Machine, Flanges, Manway Repairs, etc.

  C. Demolition and Salvage.

  D. Installation of Process Equipment.

  E. Line and Tank Cleaning.

Please know that these are our most common services.  Mid Atlantic Boiler can customize our services to fit the needs of your business.