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Recent Major Jobs

Completely re-built (2) per hr gas fired boilers, including superheater and burner. Completely re-built (2) Voight boiler superheaters including new burners.

Re-built 230,000# per hr boiler including superheater. Installed flue gas re-circulator including stack damper.

Re-built  per hr boiler including superheater.

Re-built (2) per hr boilers. Installed flue gas re-circulator. Removal of a steam turbine. Installed boiler and all accessories.

Re-built (2) per hr boilers. Complete with waterwall tubes, generating tubes, studding and refractory. Installed new economizer.

Waterwall replacement.

Air heater tube replacement.

Installation of equipment for metal recovery.

Fabricated and installed new scrubber and duct for per hr wood fired boiler.

New superheater tubes. New cone on Q.R.

Re-built per hr boiler. Re-designed front wall tubes. Installed new burner.

Re-built a B&W per hr boiler. Rebuilt a 60,000# B&W boiler.

Modified boiler furnace on 20,000# per hr wood fired boiler to increase steam output.

Re-tubed a surface condenser of a turbo generator: 11,800 tubes including new water boxes. This was an old style condenser with tubes rolled on one end and packing on the other end. Materials for tubes were 70/30 copper, nickel. After testing of unit we had less than .01% of re-work.